This is the end.


An interesting concept came to me when I was considering a blog that delved into topics like fringe technology, the occult, and various other taboo inclinations: Does the medium for the written word alter its intent or effectiveness? Religious texts from most every practicing faith can be downloaded, read via numerous devices, and shared accordingly, but does that diminish the influence of the result on the reader or the intention the reader may have for that specific document? I picture a ceremonial magician attempting a rite with a Kindle Fire in place of an actual book. Comical, but it raises questions. I would suggest that in an age where physical media is becoming exceedingly scarce and costly, certain concepts previously unconsidered may begin to bubble to the surface. Does the Bible or Quran hold any less sway based on its format? Can a Catholic Priest perform an exorcism if his Vatican approved prayers are recited from an iphone? Does our transition from one age of technology into another effectively erase a world of forgotten lore and practice without us even recognizing it?


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